Freely receive

RECEIVE: To get or be given, to react in a specified way, to welcome.

I am a horrible receiver. When given something I often do one or more of the following:
– I don’t think I deserve it
– I feel guilty for accepting it
– I may not like it and my facial expressions say as much
– I reject it (such as compliments)
– I get embarrassed

I could go on…receiving things of the this earth is a struggle for me. I find myself giving the same reactions to my faith at times.

I don’t deserve God’s love, I feel guilty that he has forgiven me time and time again, I don’t like the circumstances that come along with my faith, I reject it or try to handle life on my own, I am not able to share it with others for fear they won’t accept it….or me.

But here’s the thing. These gifts: eternal life, blood shed for me, amazing grace, mercy, love, peace. They come with no cost to us. All we have to do is believe and trust Jesus. It’s that easy, so why not freely receive it….receive HIM. Don’t push him away, don’t hide from him, don’t reject him…RECEIVE HIM. When we do this we get so much more than any earthly gift could ever offer.

My challenge today is to freely, without hesitation or guilt, receive the love and all that God has to offer me. Today I will freely receive.


About believingjoy

Who am I? That's a good question! I am Jen...a blemished woman who enjoys a tidbit of tidyness mixed with dash of craziness to create a life that is simply mine! I adore my 4 children and their daddy. I love little bits of wild like tattoos and things that make us unique. I like to mix vintage with new and strive for progress over perfection! I believe that not a single person on this planet is perfect and that's okay, it's what makes us who we are. My desire is to find joy is all circumstances with a smile and a choice to believe.
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