Free to think outside the box


It’s official! As of today there are only 56 days until Christmas. Have you started making your list and checking it twice? I have, and I have even picked up a couple of gifts. But this post is not about Christmas for me, it’s about doing something bigger then me.

We started a new idea this week. On Monday we ate beans and rice for supper (only beans, rice and water). I will be honest I stole this idea from another blog I was inspired! I was also pleasantly surprised at how well my family responded to the idea. We prepared our meal and talked about why we were doing it….to think outside of the box (the box of our own four walls we call home). Our children have no idea how blessed they are, and quite frankly I think I forget too often myself.

Beans & Rice Monday = Success

Next up Operation Christmas Child. Every year our church participates in the Samaritans Purse Operation Christmas Child Project. Every year our family fills up four boxes (1 for each child in our home) and supports the project. This year will be no different. This is a simple way to encourage our children to think outside the box by thinking about what they put inside the box for someone in a world they can’t even perceive.

These are two simple things that anyone can do. But these are just two things. There are so many other ways we can step outside our comfortable little box of a life and give love to others this Christmas. Here are a few ideas:

Donate hats/gloves to a giving tree
Bake cookies and deliver them to a shut-in
Get a group together and go caroling to shut-ins
Volunteer at a soup kitchen
Volunteer at the Food Pantry
Sponsor a family through a local outreach organization

Is there something your family does that is “outside the box” at Christmas? Share it!


About believingjoy

Who am I? That's a good question! I am Jen...a blemished woman who enjoys a tidbit of tidyness mixed with dash of craziness to create a life that is simply mine! I adore my 4 children and their daddy. I love little bits of wild like tattoos and things that make us unique. I like to mix vintage with new and strive for progress over perfection! I believe that not a single person on this planet is perfect and that's okay, it's what makes us who we are. My desire is to find joy is all circumstances with a smile and a choice to believe.
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