It is Time!

Do you ever get to a point where you just know something as to give? I will be completely honest and tell you that the last 2 months have been a mess for me.

With the busyness of holidays, a steady stream of sick kids, the influence of added sugary snacks and beverages, not enough downtime, and cold, cold, cold temperatures, combined with a lack of sufficient sunshine, I have been STRUGGLING!

I have mentioned before that I struggle with S.A.D. (Seasonal Affective Disorder) and this year might be an off the charts year of winter blues.

After going through seasons like this before I have learned to pay attention to my body. I know when my limits have been reached and when it’s time to get a grip. I am there right now. Unfortunately (mostly for my family) I have probably let it go too far…again…and I owe them many apologies for my mood swings, lack of luster for life, excessive napping, and so forth.

On the flip side of all this “Debby downing”, communication works! I acknowledged my needs and communicated my concerns and with the support of my husband and my family, today we start fresh. Conveniently at the beginning of a new year.

With all of this happening I have had a difficult time enjoying the things that I normally love, such as blogging, journaling, reading, exercising. I have still been trying, the efforts have just been weak. So as usual, I am apologizing to my follower(s) for my lack of blog updates. It’s hard to be inspiring when you don’t feel all that inspired.

But here we are on the cusp of a new year and a fresh opportunity to get a grip on life. That’s exactly what I am doing today! In addition to attending to my S.A.D. I am also recharging my health journey.

I miraculously slid through these last few weeks in a negative state and only gained a minimal amount of weight that I had spend the last 18 months working my butt off to lose. One of my biggest fears is to go back to where I once was. I am conquering that fear by only moving forward! I am thankful that my self sabotaging these last few weeks is still manageable. But that’s the thing…I now actually need to manage it, and so I will.

I have coerced my amazing and supportive husband into spending the next 30 days cleaning out and going Whole30 with me. What’s Whole30 you ask? Check out this link: WHOLE30 for more information. Fortunately I pretty much already eat Whole30 for the most part so with just a couple small changes I think I will notice big differences over the next 30 days.

Next, I am kicking off the 30 days with a 10-day Advocare cleanse. Again, for more information on the cleanse check out this link: ADVOVARE 10-DAY CLEANSE. I’ve done these before and they are a great way to get started feeling healthy and strong again.


I plan to continue my food logging at MyFitnessPal and using my FitBit to track my exercise. I spent the last year running A LOT. I have decided that for the next 30 days I am actually going to run less. I’ve been experiencing some burnout and lack of love for running (I blame this on not enough rest after my half marathon, combined with an extreme distaste for the treadmill in the brutally cold months). So workout videos, walking, HIIT cardio, etc. I’m in…and I am sure I will sneak in a few runs too! Six days a week for 30-60 minutes is my goal…it’s actually not a goal, I already do this I just need to stay consistent.

And last but certainly not least…I am going to read more scripture! Pouring positive and motivating, uplifting, encouraging words into my mind is huge for me, it always is. So today I am getting after it, filling my mind with the things from above.

In addition to all this, I am hoping to use this space as a place of accountability. I’d like to track my Whole30 days of progress here. So watch for future posts of daily menus, likes, dislikes, workouts, progress, and more!

As always, thank you for following me, even when it seems like forever since I’ve last blogged. I hope you can appreciate my honesty and hopefully it’s comforting to someone out there and maybe even inspiring too.




About believingjoy

Who am I? That's a good question! I am Jen...a blemished woman who enjoys a tidbit of tidyness mixed with dash of craziness to create a life that is simply mine! I adore my 4 children and their daddy. I love little bits of wild like tattoos and things that make us unique. I like to mix vintage with new and strive for progress over perfection! I believe that not a single person on this planet is perfect and that's okay, it's what makes us who we are. My desire is to find joy is all circumstances with a smile and a choice to believe.
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