Happy Snow Day!

In general, I dislike winter. The cold, the snow, the sleet…all of it. NOT.A.FAN. The one caveat of winter is the snow day. I actually really love snow days. The kids are stuck at home and consequently I get to stay home to. I have a job that allows me to work from home from time to time, perfect for days like this. Although I won’t lie, not much work is getting done today, so this one will be noted as a vacation day. I am willing to sacrifice a vacay day for a day at home, inside, with my babes.

I am also delighted to have the opportunity to blog again. Two days in a row…WHAT?!? You have no idea how therapeutic this is for me.

As promised I am giving a update on how the first couple days of Whole30 are going.

Let’s start with the good stuff:

  • I feel good for the most part
  • I have had zero cravings for carbs
  • I have had limited coffee and here I am living to tell about it
  • I have consumed a TON of water and “cleaned out” in the process
  • I stayed within my daily calorie limit and got 60 minutes of exercise in both days.

Yesterday I had the Advocare Fiber drink for breakfast and an apple for my morning snack. At lunch I had a lettuce salad with tomatoes, cucumber, and Walden Farms zero calorie, zero sugar Raspberry Vinaigrette. For supper I made a delicious ground turkey and veggie soup and had a hard boiled egg, a cup of grapes, and a cup of baby carrots for afternoon/evening snacks.

Looking back on this I did eat a lot. However I did experience some negatives.

  • Headache…I’ve pretty much had a headache for two days straight. I believe this is due to lack of caffeine (I am addicted)…so I know it will subside, I just need to power through for a couple more days.
  • Tired/weakness. This I am not sure about. My guess is I didn’t eat enough calories, not sure, but I felt tired and weak most of the day.
  • Craving sugar. This too shall pass.

Today I feel less weak so that’s good. But it’s a snow day so I am quite lazy to be truthful. After my workout I’ve pretty much parked it the whole day.

Today I am eating more than yesterday to see if that’s the culprit for the weakness. I had my fiber drink and a grapefruit for breakfast. A hard boiled egg for morning snack. At lunch I had left over soup. This afternoon I’ve had some strawberries and an apple. For supper I am making baked chicken breast and steamed vegetables.

I have to be careful how much fruit I eat for the cleanse and sugar intake…but since I am craving sugar I am allowing some fruit to meet that need.

So there you have it. Day 1 done, day 2 almost there…so far so good!

Oh, and I decided on a word of the year: Courage. But I’ll save the details for why I chose this word for another post.

Happy Snow Day!



About believingjoy

Who am I? That's a good question! I am Jen...a blemished woman who enjoys a tidbit of tidyness mixed with dash of craziness to create a life that is simply mine! I adore my 4 children and their daddy. I love little bits of wild like tattoos and things that make us unique. I like to mix vintage with new and strive for progress over perfection! I believe that not a single person on this planet is perfect and that's okay, it's what makes us who we are. My desire is to find joy is all circumstances with a smile and a choice to believe.
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